Risk that should be taken or should not be taken by an SEO expert

Digital marketing has nowadays become the heartthrob of every business as the world is going digital. People spend most of their time online surfing over the search engines about something or the other. Digital marketing is a mixture of a whole lot of techniques starting from SEO, SMO going up to SEM and a lot more.

Out of all of this SEO is an integral part of every digital marketing strategy as the name SEO (search engine optimization) suggests it is all about keeping your website on top in the search results of the search engine. It is not at all easy to keep the website maintained on the first page in the top search results that is where the need for an SEO expert arises as they are given special training for optimizing the content of the website by applying various strategies.

Just like every coin has two sides same is the case with SEO, the technique of SEO is capable of providing long term profitable results but it also involves some risk factors. But a good SEO expert is the one who knows about all the risks that are associated with SEO and also that one person should know all the risks that are worth taking while doing SEO and all the risks that should be avoided while doing the same.

Here we will discuss all the risks that should be taken by an SEO expert ad also about all those risks that an expert should avoid.

• Trial and error method- It is not necessary that if your website is on the first page and is in rank then it will give out a profit. Profit will be generated only when the user will click. There can be a lot of reasons for a user not visiting your website and all you can do is keep experimenting by changing the meta descriptions, content or the issue can also be related to the website design you can change one thing at a time and see if that gets you the desired result.

• Give and take high-quality Backlinks- Life is all about given and takes same is the case with link building in SEO. Yes you need high quality and reliable links for bringing your website in the top results but it also necessary to give it back. Sharing link of another company’s website can take away your visitors but at the same time sharing high-quality links on your website is a worth taking a risk as it ensures Google of you being a reliable source of information and the search engine is hence pushed for giving you a better place on its pages.

• Reconstructing your website- As the saying goes “change is the only constant” same is the case with websites. It is advisable that you should keep changing the layout of your website and there can be a lot of reasons for that but the risk involved here is that you might lose your ranking for a while and also you may lose some of your customers as they may find it tricky to use your website with the new layout but eventually the rankings will bounce back and also the users will get adjusted with the new layout.

Now let us focus on the risks that should be avoided by the SEO experts while optimizing the website –

• Doorway pages- SEO is all about search engine and Google the most popular search engine does not really prefer a doorway page as it specifically targets keywords and Google only likes informative content, therefore, one should avoid creating doorway pages.

• Deleting a page- If you have a website with multiple pages and there is a certain product or service that you have discontinued then it is better that you still leave the page as it is with a message of directing the person to another website for that service or product as deleting the entire page will adversely affect the rankings of the page as page deletion will take away all the ranking keywords of your page.

• Making too many changes- Yes changes are good but anything in excess is not at all good if you will keep changing something or the other regularly then that would make Google suspicious about your business and hence Google will end up penalizing your website.

If you will continue conducting SEO on your website keeping in mind all the above-given factors then that would surely give out the best results and profits for your business and you will be growing at your best. It is not just about using digital marketing strategy it also about using it correctly.