Why would a visitor ignore your website?

Nowadays, many of the most popular brands in the world understand the importance of using a website for marketing. The more visitors your website have the more opportunities you get to make your brand popular and famous. Websites offer potential customers with all the appropriate information and details about the business. Unluckily, some business falls short in sending their message that may be due to a technical error, simply a poor optimization or Google Algorithm update.

In this post, we will discuss the reason why a visitor tends to avoid your website:

• Responsive Website:
Nowadays, mobile users are increasing day by day as compared to Desktop users. Therefore, all the search engines including Google provide additional attention to the websites that are responsive. It is important that you improve your website for both mobile and desktop such as mobile phone, tabs, and laptops so that the users enjoy your website content anywhere anytime. You can immediately check whether your website is responsive or not thanks to Google’s page insight tool. The first mobile indexing of Google makes it mandatory for the owners of the website to make their site responsive.

• Multiple choices may confuse:
For a website to grab the attention of the visitor, the most important step should definitely be understandable navigation. A clear and neat guide must be provided to the user. Overloading your site with so many calls to actions isn’t always a good idea as it may cause analysis paralysis, where the action cannot be taken.

• Keyword Stuffing:
Keywords are an essential part of any website but its overloading may have an unpropitious effect on the website. A website burdened with keywords can make the visitors feel anxious about your business. Apart from running it visually, it also talks away from the attention of users from the page.

• Irrelevant Animations:
If the web animations are distracting then it distracts and tampers reading experience of the user. Although, the images are mean to grab the attention of visitor but that doesn’t mean to add something that is irrelevant. The page loaded with unnecessary animations also takes a too long time to load the page.

• Websites with so many Pop-Ups:
By seeing the promotion strategy of the website, we know that the popups increase the conversion rate. Nobody likes too many popups irritate the users as it interferes the normal working of the users when they are on the webpage. It leaves a negative impression and makes the visitors dislike and leave your site.

• Without the experience of Social Media Sharing:
In this modern era of Social Media, it becomes essential to have a social presence for your website. It is almost as essential a person has his/her identity card. When customers come to something interesting on a website they have a quick desire to share it on the social media platform. They start scrolling and look for plugins, but they might get highly disappointed to find them missing on the website.

• A website without Contact Details Page:
If customers need any assistance, they need it quickly. In that case, they don’t have much time to fill the form and wait for the result. For that, make sure to stay in touch with people via mail, live chat option, phone, mail, and social media. Never forget to display the contact details clearly on your website to deal with their problems.

• Improper Headlines:
Not everyone who is visiting your websites is interested in reading the complete text to understand the concept of your content. If you have an inappropriate headline which is not clear then, the visitor tends to ignore your website. In that case, you must have an eye-catchy and clear headline so that it grabs the attention of the visitors. The attractive headline also holds the customer on to the website.

• Homepage without having Clear and Sufficient Content:
In most of the cases, it has seen that the website’s homepage acts as the landing page. And in case, if you have that type of the first page where you fail to engage your customer then, they will not visit your page and jump to another website. It is very necessary to provide sufficient and relevant information to your users on the home page so that they take an interest in knowing more about the product and service.

• “About US” section is missing:
An About US page is an essential part of every website as it provides the visitor with a clear idea about the motive and person behind the website. Therefore, it is advisable to add “About Us” page. Also, it is must have a clear purpose of the website because; a website that doesn’t have any information about the work and about will not hold visitors.

Well, the mentioned are some reasons that tend to hurt the experience of the user and in result cause a loss in the traffic. To gain more experience and knowledge about this just contact Social media marketing experts. They will help you to provide exact information and serve their best to gain more traffic on your website as well as to grow your business quickly.