What are the Trends for Web Development in 2019?

Web development is significant to make your business and famous in the market. It helps your business to gain credibility. A website provides a simple method to show the credibility of a business. It also provides the exact way through which a person can represent his business online that is necessary to grab the attention of the customers and visitors.

The main motive of Web development is to make the customers aware of an individual service or brand which you are offering. It also helps to understand why your service, product, or brands are relevant and necessary for them to buy.Displaying this information with best-quality images and presentations will create a tremendous impact on the customers, and it is essential to make your product as appealing and relatable as possible.

However, it is essential to make a web development strategy according to current market trends. Because having an outdated strategy may not work for your business. In that case, it is essential to stay updated with the Web Development trends.

In this post, we are going to discuss the Trends for Web Development in 2019. To save your effort and time and offer an extraordinary piece of information about web development trends in 2019, we have checked current market need in different domain of the IT industry and then prepared this list based on them.

• First Development-API:
The current trends of Website Development recommend that the web solution have to be well-creates and prepared for the connectivity with the other applications. It’s no wonder considering the rise of wearable, mobiles and other devices will assimilate with one another. Therefore, this is from where the propensity for API- first development tactic comes. When the main focus of the company is to make a mobile or web solution, they generally don’t pay much more attention to API development. At best, it becomes a side project that may not be wholly tested or designed.

• Progressive Web Apps (PWA):
Progressive Web Apps, PWA is one of the most noticeable trends in web development. It forces the worldwide web forward to make the browsing experience of the website closer to the native mobile apps, and hence, it becomes friendly to the users. According to recent research, the mobiles dominate over other devices like tablets and desktops. Moreover, there is a profound gap between mobile app and mobile browsers. To be detailed, applications account for more than 80% of the overall the users spend with their gadgets.

• Accelerated Mobile Pages:
Google takes an active step to enhance the mobile browsing experience. For that, the company first introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages Project to publicity back in 2015. Now, in this modern era, it becomes one of the ongoing trends of web technologies. This technology is specially created to inspire building websites that work very smoothly and load quickly across mobile devices.

• Voice Search Optimization:
According to research, by 2020, almost 30% of all searches will be conducted without using screen. Therefore, voice search becomes another trend that you can’t afford to overlook. It has an extraordinary impact on the web, and other more is still coming. Consequently, in the UK and US, voice commerce sales are expected to grow intensely and reach $5 billion and $40 billion. By keeping the multiple studies and actual market condition in mind, voice search optimization is one of the latest trends for the web development that you cannot deny.

• Push Notifications:
This is a reliable and robust tool that is widely used for enhancing the entire experience of user and marketing efforts of the organization. Even though mobile applications have flexible and robust capabilities for the user’s notifications and web apps also gain momentum here. On the web apps, push notifications are ideal for providing different information to the users. You can gain this benefit without registering and credentials such as email. It delivers additional channels for the organizations to interrelate with the targeted audience and offers opportunities for additional marketing.

• Motion UI:
To grab the attention of the customers, the products should be attractive and engaging as soon as possible. Motion UI library is an ideal solution to grab the attention of users with beautiful and aesthetic animations. This library is capable of animating design elements with elegance and allows the developers to use and customize them as they wish. This is flexible enough and performs with any JavaScript framework that makes it an excellent option for multiple usages.

So, if you are planning to update your product on web in 2019 then, it will be definitely a good idea to look through the latest trends in the web development and think of which one is more useful for you. Well, you can get more information and guidance through the Web Developer experts. If you want to achieve success in this competition era, then you must know the latest trends.