Pay Per Click

When PPC works as it should, you earn hundred folds more than what you pay. We research the keywords, organize them into ad groups and campaigns and set up landing pages that facilitate conversions. Relevant and efficiently targeted PPC campaigns are also awarded by search engines by charging a lesser charge. Meaning if you do well and have a good amount of traffic on your page, you will also be charged less. We help you take advantage of this win-win situation by giving exactly what the users and the search engines want.

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone is just talking about SEO these days. One might even start to wonder if it is just a tad bit overrated. The truth is, it’s not. It enhances your visibility online and facilitates user experience. We don’t follow the same techniques that were followed last year, or even last week. The market place changes at the speed of lightening, and we keep up. The process of optimization never really stops, and our services have proved themselves in terms of converting and boosting traffic. It is bound to help you accomplish all of your business objectives, including the ones that are immediate. Because we are not afraid to experiment and are so keen to research, we often find better opportunities than ever before and get the chance to implement our findings. Before the design and strategies are implemented, they are run through several quality checks. Even after that, our team will be with you, constantly making any possible improvements to it.

SEO Services Providers


There are millions and millions of websites, all of which are selling some service or another. So it can’t be easy for a customer to find what they need and for a company to sell their services. Our search engine ads are customized to help you reach your target audience, so that when they find what they need, it is on your website and because of your website. Then, you can start scalable campaigns which will grow with the goals you set and the results you get. We help you be at the right time in the place, so it is not by accident that a user chooses you. Rather, it is what you offer that they were looking for.

Video Marketing

As a business, your primary goal is to sell. It is with the purpose of supplementing this goal that you build up various departments within your business. Once you have the product or service you want to sell, you start trying to build a reputation and spread awareness of what you do, so that the buyers know that your product exists. This is technically half of what marketing is all about. The other half is influencing and convincing them that your product is worth their time.

So, would you rather do it with a 500 word article that your consumer is going to skim through, or a one minute video that is worth 1.8 million words, which they will look for the moment they open your website? In any case, wouldn’t you want to leave an impact on the consumer? What good would text be when an average reader can only retain 10% of the content they read. At the same time, after watching a video, the viewer manages to retain 95% of the content.

Like movies have different genres, videos have types too, and a lot of them come in handy when used for marketing. Tutorials, vlogs, live streams and its recordings, product reviews, interviews and testimonials are just a few of them. We help you construct videos that do this, and more.